Our passion, your health
We are creating a healthier future with unchanging passion toward customers.
Since 1968
The footstep of Dongkook Pharmaceutical who has respected human life for the last fifty years
and continued healthy life of citizens under the philosophy of ‘HUMAN & LIFE’.
  • 1968. 10
    Founded Dongkook
    Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.
  • 1991. 12
    Acquired the certificate
    of KGMP for Plant 1
  • 2008. 11
    Received the Export Tower
    Award of 20 Million Dollars
  • 2016. 12
    Selected for 1st Class Enterprise
    at 2016 Korea Consumer
    Satisfaction Evaluation (KCSE)
50th Anniversary History Hall
Central R&D Center
R&D Strategy
Man-Oriented R&D
Research Activities
Major Research Activities with a Goal to
Improve the Life Quality of Man