Company Introduction
Dongkook Pharmaceutical's spirit to step up to challenges results from our resilience
in overcoming uphill battles and passion in unexplored areas.
Company Outline
Dongkook Pharmaceutical now celebrates
meaningful 50th anniversary of its foundation.
We appreciate our customers’ support including staffs and employees of the company.
It is said, ‘The appearance of the past life is the appearance of the present.’ The appearance of life to live the present weighs up the appearance of the future.’ All experiences and outcomes which Dongkook Pharmaceutical accomplished with a great effort for such long 50 years have become precious assets themselves. Our inheritances to preserve and develop still remain as trend, technology, human composition, financial structure, growth engine, philosophy and corporate culture. We will put more effort with an attitude to transfer all these precious assets to our descendants.

Dongkook Pharmaceutical has put a great effort for each field inside the company in order to procure the basis to advance to the highest rank company. We have passed the European GMP standard in the area of injections for the first time in Korea. We also have procured active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) suitable to a guideline of EDQM(European Directorate for the Quality of Medicines) in the area of raw ingredients for drugs. Currently, we have developed and exported various API and complete products to 60 countries of EU, Japan, Middle East, and Central & South America. We have conducted continuous marketing on world markets.

We have also expanded a platform to grow continuously through the development of new product and the discovery of growth engine in diverse project portfolios such as OTC, ETC, healthcare, and overseas export. ‘Reflecting the past time to find newness (溫故而知新)’, through sincere introspection and self-reflection, Dongkook Pharmaceutical will distinguish the priceless portion to succeed and develop from the portion we should not repeat in order to prepare the future. I sincerely deliver my thankful heart to all customers, former and present staffs and employees who have been with the company for the last fifty years including those who have been helping directly and indirectly. Through our core values of ‘creation’, ‘communication’, and ‘devotion’, we will make an effort to create the best workplace with our customers and talented people.

Dongkook Pharmaceutical
Gibeom Kwon