Company Introduction
Dongkook Pharmaceutical's spirit to step up to challenges results from our resilience
in overcoming uphill battles and passion in unexplored areas.
Global Network
Dongkook Pharmaceutical has advanced to the highest rank
pharmaceuticals possessed with a global competitiveness.
Wide Export Network
Since Dongkook Pharmaceutical started the full-scale export in 1992, we have continued active exportation from Europe to Central & South America.
The amount of sales in overseas markets reached 20 million dollars in 2007, 30 million dollars in 2010 and currently 40 million dollars.
The proportion of export to the amount of sales ranks top among domestic pharmaceuticals.
In addition, through the system of a man in charge of each region, we have currently secured a wide export network in more than 50 countries and expanded its territory to markets in new emerging countries of great growth potential.
Overseas Market Pioneering and Export Expansion
Major export products of active pharmaceutical ingredients (API) are Iopamidol of X-ray contrast medium, Teicoplanin and Cilastatin of anti-biotics.
Complete products are Pofol for general anesthetics and Lorelin Depot for prostate cancer treatment.
In addition, we have devoted to the profit generation through the project diversification by launching a Bellast cross-linked sodium hyaluronate filler in the world market that is used for temporary improvement of facial wrinkles.
To deal with the market change and consumer’s demand promptly, we are now seeking several measures which will contribute to pioneering overseas markets and increasing the export such as the development of new API of next generation anti-biotics and MRI contrast medium, the diversification of formula and packaging for previous products, and the advancement of items sold in domestic markets to overseas markets.
Systematic Export Strategy
The export strategy of Dongkook Pharmaceutical focuses on the systemization of export-oriented R&D and production system and the promotion of active overseas marketing by professional manpower.
To achieve our goal, we plan to manage fully the global sales network around manufactured drug and formula with the support of high-added value technology.