Research & Development
With incessant passion on R&D, we pursue the new value and differentiated product development.
R&D Strategy
People-oriented R&D
Regarding R&D, Dongkook Pharmaceutical has reviewed and selected the products with insufficient but high demand medical service to proceed
the differentiated product development targeting the market effectively through strategic marketing.
In addition, in order to react to the change in future healthcare industry initiatively, we have emphasized the development of both the drug
in relation to the improvement of life quality and the product in preparation for aging society and conducted R&D actively.

The core strategy of technical development by the Central R&D Center is not only the maintenance and development of existing technology
but also the promotion of a long-term plan to convert the ‘project around the product’ to ‘the project around technology and customers.’
The Center also has conducted research activities that meet the global trend through the open innovation.
The Center has put a continuous effort to grow into a R&D Center that procures global-level research competency
which can give the uniqueness of Dongkook under the R&D slogan of ‘People-oriented Research & Development.’